Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Here is a nifty Idea for Chopstick holders. Its a bowl with a chopstick holder! I find it always so annoying to have my chopsticks on the table.
I sometimes have my chopsticks resting on top of the bowl and when i go grab them I knock them off. what a great idea having chopsticks in a bowl.


Charlie said...

this kind of placement is dangerous. It means the end a meal in the etiquette, which the young can only do after the older ones do it. There was once a man being killed because he did this way before a King did it. It is inpolite, so the king killed him.

takeshi007 said...

Chopsticks holders are traditionally used to rest your personalized chopsticks between courses. Also choose holders that suitable on your chopstick to show your creativity and love in Asian dining etiquette.